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This online resource ( gathers tips, guides and resources for Physician and Clinical Builders who facilitate design and optimization of clinical content (decision, documentation and inquiry supports) in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). 

A separate Connect Care Manual supports CIS users. An eHealth Glossary explores health informatics terms and concepts. Other resources are listed at The Builder Handbook is developed by Builders for Builders. There is no claim that contents are institutionally endorsed. 

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Information and bulletins are accessed via the "Updates" button ( Available channels include Tips, FAQs and peer Support forums. The "Informatics" channel addresses Builder interests. Please subscribe

The "Glossary" button ( provides access to an eHealth glossary with emphasis on terms relevant to Connect Care.

The "Concierge" button ( offers a single point of capture for help, feedback, and requests. 

The "Manual" button ( opens the Connect Care Clinician Manual.

Requests for additions and corrections, and alerts to any broken links, are welcomed. Please contact:

Connect Care Builder Program (

Builder Editorial Board (; Rob Hayward, Vince DiNinno, Darren Hudson, Denis Langlois, Solange Pomerleau)

Chief Medical Information Office, Alberta Health Services (