Connect Care Builder Handbook - Link Naming Convention

The Handbook pages can serve as a high-level guides to deeper layers of Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) documentation, training, guides and demonstrations. To help the reader, a consistent naming convention is used when presenting links to more detailed information. This same convention is adapted for use when links are embedded in Connect Care user interfaces and workflows.

Wherever possible, link triggers (the text or object selected to activate the link) should follow a "Type: Content" syntax. Examples include:

Link Categories

    • Backgrounder - (1-10 pages) Explication of a policy or process.

    • Briefing - (1-2 pages) Summary key messages from a backgrounder.

    • Byte - (~1 page) Brief explanation of a topic, function, concept or process; serving as a quick orientation for readers unfamiliar with the focus of a Manual section.

    • Compact - (1 page) Simple statement of mutual expectations and accountabilities.

    • Crib-Sheet - (1-5 pages) Summary of properties of a tool, settings or other configuration and use instructions.

    • Demo - (<5 min) Brief video demonstration of a particular function or workflow, emphasizing essential prescriber actions.

    • Evidence - (1+ pages) Summary of supporting evidence for clinical content, such as a systematic review, meta-analysis or study synopsis.

    • FAQ - (1-10 pages) Series of common questions about a particular topic, providing an accessible way for prescribers to quickly home in on issues of particular interest.

    • Glossary - (few sentences) Definition of a term, concept or function, usually linked to

    • Guidance - (3+ pages) document summarizing clinical guidance, such as a clinical practice guideline, care pathway or other type of directive summary.

    • Guide - (1-10 pages) More detailed exploration of the features and controls for a particular function, activity or information process.

    • Handbook - Link to a page within the Connect Care builder handbook.

    • Help - Link to a page or resource providing additional, usually context-sensitive, help related to the tool or workflow that the trigger text is part of.

    • Infographic - (1-2 pages) Graphic representation of a workflow or process, useful for illustrating how different functions, possibly performed by different persons, relate in the CIS.

    • Manual - Link to a page within the Connect Care clinician manual.

    • Norm - (5-10 pages) Exploration of expectations of users of the Connect Care CIS respecting a particular functionality.

    • Policy - (1+ pages) Formal policy statement.

    • Principles - (1 page) Summary of key principles guiding the design, build or use of a particular functionality.

    • Reference - Usually an internet site or resource acting as an electronic reference or eBook with summative information about a particular area of knowledge.

    • Resource - Usually an internet information repository dedicated to a particular topic or issue.

    • Synopsis - (1 page) Brief summary of supporting evidence.

    • Tip - (1-3 pages) Illustrated explanation of how to perform a particular function, always practical and always about how to use the CIS.