"JIRA" is the name of an enterprise software tool published by Atlassian. The system is designed to facilitate software development, bug tracking, issue resolution, and project management. AHS uses this platform to support a wide range of information technology processes, including clinical content design for Connect Care. A different system ("ServiceNow" IT Management) supports the Connect Care helpdesk and serves as one of the inputs for design "tickets" that are further managed in JIRA. JIRA, in turn, has outputs to other systems, including those used by Epic to manage software issues.

JIRA is not an acronym. The name is inherited from the Japanese word "Gojira" which means "Godzilla", reflecting early uses of the tool to track and squash software bugs.

AHS's instance of JIRA (ahs-cis.ca/jira) is essential to the work of Physician and Clinician Builders. Once an account has been granted, the best introduction to functions is had through demonstrations linked below.


Key Dashboards

  • JIRA Home (ahs-cis.ca/jira) - Link to default AHS JIRA login page (this short link will be kept updated, as the full AHS URL can change)

  • Connect Care Builder Dashboard (ahs-cis.ca/jirabuilder) - Link to the Connect Care Physician Builders dashboard

  • Clinical System Design Optimization (ahs-cis.ca/jiracsd) - Link to a JIRA dashboard that summarizes prioritization work of the various Connect Care Area Councils as they organize requests for post-launch system optimizations in their respective areas

  • Clinical Content Tickets (ahs-cis.ca/jiracontent) - Link to a JIRA dashboard summarizing the status of clinical content development tickets assigned to various analysts

Project Registries

Many different project types are tracked within AHS's instance of JIRA. A few of these are of particular interest to Physician and Clinician Builders:


Filters are available to home in on tickets of personal relevance:


Collections of tickets or issues that can cross multiple groups or registries may be organized in "Boards" with some of particular relevance to Builders:

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