A number of building blocks are used in many ways and affect many parts of the user experience. These standardized components often have associated builder resources, editors and toolkits. This section gathers key information that can help builders.

Columns (PAF)

Report Columns are used in the Hyperspace Schedule, Patient Lists, ED Track Board, Storyboard, Reporting Workbench and other user interfaces. Columns can display a wide range of patient-level information, including calculations, and can display information dynamically and iconographically.


A grouper is a tool that allows builders to reference one item (the grouper) instead of many when setting the properties of rules, configuration settings and other build properties. Technically, a grouper is a record in the Grouper (VCG) master file that lists records that share a defined relationship. Groupers could economize reference to related diagnoses for use in BestPractice Advisories, medical and surgical history questions, and specialty problem lists. They can also be used to group Health Maintenance topics, medications and other clinical categories.