Who to call?

Connect Care Users

First, look for an experienced user or Super User (yellow or orange Connect Care lanyard). If you cannot find peer support, consider the type of problem:

    • Possible immediate Patient Care impact

      • Connect Care access or login problems

      • Non-Medical Device failure (e.g. printer, scanner)

      • Any kind of system or function downtime or failure

      • Patient safety incident or problem

--> call the Service Desk and Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300 (Press “1” [clinical systems] and then “2” [Connect Care])

    • No immediate Patient Care impact

      • Something is broken or missing

      • Non-urgent question about how to use the clinical information system

--> visit the Connect Care Concierge online at help.connect-care.ca (describe and send the help request)

    • Clinical or Patient Flow concerns

      • Worry about how Connect Care might be affecting clinical service, relationships or quality.

--> discuss with your specialty Medical Informatics Lead (MIL) or physician leadership

    • Other Physician-specific Issues

--> seek out a physician Super User in your area, a MIL in your specialty, or your zone CMIO leader, finding names in either




The Chief Medical Information Office (cmio@ahs.ca) ensures that a physician informatics leader is available during working hours.

Connect Care Builders

General inquiries: ConnectCare.BuilderProgram@ahs.ca