Data Courier

Data migration is a process for moving data from one environment to another, where an environment includes a complete collection of Master Files. Data Courier is Epic's primary tool for migrating clinical content build between environments.

Data Courier is optimized to move static build. It does not move dynamic build (entered by users) or foundation build (Epic released). Record dependencies are recognized and managed.


  • POC (Proof of Concept) - Environment for initial build and testing, where only virtual patients (no identifiable personal health information) are found.

  • TST (Test) - Environment where integrated and pre‐Production testing occurs for all applications and interfaces. Representative patient and other clinical information is available so that rules can be tested with typical data mixes.

  • PRD (Production) - Environment where end users work, with live patient data as well as interfaces set up. User‐level configuration happens here. System‐level configuration should not.

  • SUP (Support) - A nightly copy of PRD that allows for troubleshooting with representative data. Changes made in SUP do not impact PRD.