Chronicles (Text Interface)

Chronicles is Epic's legacy system configuration tool, gradually being replaced by tools with rich user interfaces. Originally designed for VT220 terminals and keyboards, Chronicles is accessed for Connect Care through the "Putty" computer terminal emulator. Builders who need to use Chronicles can benefit from reminders about terminal-emulation keystrokes and shortcuts.

Terminal Key Emulation


Chronicles embedded help is essential. Most data entry fields provide context-sensitive assistance respecting data formats and options, often with explanations of what happens when each option is selected.

  • ? - to get help at a prompt

  • Shift+F5 - to get information about options for data entry

  • HOME (mac fn + left arrow) followed by F7 or F8 - display item level information such as master file ini and item number.

  • ? to see a list of records


  • Down/up arrows move from field to field

  • TAB move to the next field

  • Home followed by up/down arrow (Mac fn + left arrow followed by up/down arrow) - scroll to the top or bottom of a long list

  • PageDn (Mac fn + down arrow) to go from screen to screen or page

  • Shift+F7 - to exit to higher level menu

  • End (Mac fn + right arrow) to jump to end of field/item

  • Home (Mac fn + left arrow)

  • Control (Mac command key)

  • Alt (Mac option key)

  • Search - Home (Mac fn + left arrow) followed by F9 - fast forward to a specific item matching a text string

  • Chaining - use to replicate a menu selection pathway (use either semi-colon or comma separator)

Data Entry Commands

  • = opens the last record accessed in the same master file

  • F1 - delete an item's value, an entire line of text or an entire row within a table (no undo)

  • F2 - delete everything from cursor to end of line

  • F3 - restore field to value it held when cursor moved to that field

Completion Matching

String Entry


  • Chaining - navigate through multiple layered menus by concatenating the various menu item numbers with semi-colon or comma