Content Management

Content Management is a POC Hyperspace Builder toolkit that facilitates documentation of build activities while inventorying build objects that require validation, testing and change control before transfer to test (TST) and production (PRD) environments. The Content Management toolkit excels at capturing all information needed to migrate build between environments.

All Physician and Clinical Builders must track their work with "Tickets" entered and managed in the Content Management activity. Doing this facilitates quality and safety review, change control and Data Courier planning. Doing this is also a necessary condition for getting build into production.

The Guide linked below (resources) explains all steps to be followed by Connect Care builders. Some key points merit emphasis:

New Tickets

  • Remember to use Ticket T100-28631 as a template for new tickets, as this ensures that key fields are appropriately populated.

Re-visited Tickets

  • It sometimes happens that a package of work (with multiple build objects) is managed with a single ticket bring the work into production as part of a "soft launch" or other step in an interactive improvement effort. Later, fixes, tweaks or additions may be required for the package of work to move to the next step, or into "hard launch". It can be tempting to change multiple build objects then re-courier the original content management ticket.

  • It is always better to create a new content management ticket, containing only the changed objects, and to use that ticket to facilitate updates or enhancements to the original package of work. This avoids a number of potential issues in change tracking.


  • In general, content management tickets should be handled by IT analysts.

  • Clinician Builders who take time to acquire content management skills should partner with experienced analysts. With appropriate oversight and approvals, Builders can then off-load a lot of work that increases the likelihood that content tickets will transfer between environments smoothly.

  • Builders are not authorized to courier tickets to production environments. This must be done by approved analysts.