Builder Continuing Development

There are many opportunities for Builders to gain initial and continuing education and skills enhancement. This section will grow to reflect the breadth of opportunity.

Builder Master Classes

Builder Master Classes are taught by peers, covering methods and processes of interest to clinician builders, power users and superusers. Joining the Builder Slack Community (see below) ensures that class announcements are received an links to follow-up recordings and discussions are easily found.

Recorded sessions include:

Builder Scrums

While primarily intended to facilitate the allocation to and tracking of build tasks, regularly scheduled "scrums" also facilitate linking builders to other builders and analysts for mentoring, support and shared learning.

All builders should consider attending and make this possible by registering for event communications:

Builder Club Office Hours

Informal builder "office hours" bring builders and analysts together online at designated times to promote consultation, information sharing and collaborative problem-solving. These sessions are optional but encouraged as a powerful learning opportunity.

"Slack" Online Community

Slack is a collaboration tool that can be used on desktops ( and all mobile platforms as a dedicated app (iPhone, Android, etc.; install from App Store or Google Play). Slack brings communication, consulting and collaborating together in one place.

A Builder Slack workspace ( was initiated to support advanced Connect Care users. However, anyone with interest in learning from, or contributing to, the knowledge of others is welcome to join: