Build Management

Build Task Allocation

Clinician Builders can volunteer for, or be assigned, specific build tasks in a number of ways.

  • The task management tools described below (and in subsections) expose user requests that relate to clinical system design. Many of these can be addressed by Builders and there are provisions for putting one's name to a request.

  • Scrum: A biweekly "Builder Scrum" provides opportunity to discuss requests in greater detail and to take steps to participate in the associated work. Self scheduling for Scrum sessions on Tuesday afternoons is facilitated via

  • Office Hours: Friday morning "Office Hours" (0830) bring together builders and analysts to discuss build challenges brought forward by participants, with scheduling facilitated via

  • Virtual Coffee: An informal opportunity for Master Builders to exchange news and learnings is supported through virtual coffee time, with scheduling information sent out to participating builders via email.

  • Builder Committee: The committee deliberates more at the level of norms, processes and principles, meeting monthly.

Build Task Management and Tracking

Connect Care Physician and Clinician Builders use, or need to be aware of, software tools that facilitate the recording, tracking and implementation of design and build requests. Enterprise tools like VFire, JIRA and Sherlock can be daunting at first exposure. This section gathers information of most relevance to Connect Care and its builder community.