Internet Special Character Escape Codes

Internal links (referred to as 'Activity Links' by Epic) include support for jumping from trigger text, title, icon or images to an activity within Hyperspace. Some such "Activities" use Internet browser tools to facilitate the display of web content specified by a universal resource locator (URL). Internet addresses sometimes contain "special characters" (e.g., ~!@#$%&) which can conflict with the same characters having a specific meaning for Epic's software. In such cases, when an intended EpicACT link using a URL does not work as intended, it is possible to substitute "RunParamsURLencoded" for "RunParams" in the EpicACT link syntax. The special characters in the URL can then be replaced with ASCII escape codes and there will be no conflict between Epic and Internet use of the special characters.

The following table lists common special characters found in URLs and the escape codes that should be substituted when using RunParamsURLencoded.