EAP (Epic All Procedures)

This term is unique to Epic Systems Corporation and does not refer to any software module or application. Instead, 'Epic All Procedures' references one of the 'master files' (core database elements) fundamental to most software functions. The EAP contains names, descriptors and relations for any orderarble action or intervention other than a medication that can be managed with Epic's clinical information system.

EAP records are important early in system configuration because order sets, preferences, decision supports, interfaces and other key functions cannot be built without unequivocal EAP entries. The master file commonly requires a lot of up-front localization.

Connect Care EAP Ownership and Builders

Orderable procedures can be very sensitive to even slight changes. They affect upstream stakeholders (e.g., labs), can be part of aggregates (e.g., Panels, Order Sets, Smart Sets, Express Lanes, Therapy Plans, etc.) and can have diverse downstream impacts (i.e., orders can trigger charting, decision-support, ADT and other teams and actions). Accordingly, builders should, in general, never work on orderables independently. This includes creating new orderables.

EAPs are sub-grouped by categories (EDPs) and application, with IT oversight controls for each group. Builders should discover the analysts and oversight groups responsible for a particular orderable when there is need to request changes or enhancements.