A grouper is a tool that allows builders to reference one item (the grouper) instead of many when setting the properties of rules, configuration settings and other build properties. Technically, a grouper is a record in the Grouper (VCG) master file that lists records that share a defined relationship. Groupers could economize reference to related diagnoses for use in BestPractice Advisories, medical and surgical history questions, and specialty problem lists. They can also be used to group Health Maintenance topics, medications and other clinical categories.

General oversight for all Groupers configuration and build is provided through the Connect Care Components Committee.


Different types of groupers relate to different master files of related content. The most important for builders include:

  • Diagnosis Groupers (EDG)
    These allow multiple terms used to identify health conditions and complications to be combined. There are different strategies for creating diagnosis groupers and a number of terminology complexities to consider. Builders should not edit or create diagnosis groupers without engagement of an experienced analyst.

  • Medication Groupers (ERX)
    Medication groupers have diverse impacts throughout Connect Care workflows and should not be altered or added without express involvement and review by the Willow team.

  • Problem Groupers (EDG for POC)
    A number of problem oriented charting tools (POC), such as problem overviews, can be sensitive to whether a problem or diagnosis fits within a group sharing common problem and chronic disease management documentation needs. Builders should not add or change ERG for POC entries without engagement of an experienced analyst working with care path or POC build.


Clinician Builders have access to a "Grouper Record Editor" via global search or the Builders Dashboard. This tool can be used to review existing groupers (recommended), edit or update grouper properties (do not do without approval) and create new groupers (do not do without approval).


Specific processes must be followed for grouper management in particular categories:

  • Medication Groupers (ERX)

      • The Components Committee and Pharmacy Connect Care Council have resolved that ownership of Medication Groupers (i.e., any groupers specifically containing medication records or concepts) resides with the Willow analyst team. This means that only analysts working on the Willow team should be creating new med groupers or changing existing groupings.

      • All requests for the creation of, or modification of, medication groupers must follow an approved Intake process that ensures that all appropriate stakeholder engagement has occurred.

    • Diagnosis Groupers (EDG)

      • The Connect Care clinical terminologies team supervises the use of diagnosis groupers in Connect Care, with oversight accountability resting with the Connect Care Components Committee.

      • Builders seeking review of a new diagnosis grouper request should contact to request assignment of a member of the clinical terminologies team to help navigate required processes.